Company profile

Kewei Rising Medical Group Limited is specilized in the development, manufacturing and marketing of extracorporeal circulation and cardiovascular products established since 1993. We combine the high-tech R&D, GMP-manufacturing and global marketing experience to bring diversified products to the international market.


We built up our manufactory and R&D center in Dongguang, a reputable industrial city in south China, covering 20,000 m2 of area, including 2,500 m2 clean room from 100,000-grade to 100-grade. To meet the requirement of the market, our production lines were expaned continuously. From 1993 to 2007, there have been 15 advanced prodution lines put to use. And as an necessary part, an independent quality control system was built up to make sure the sercurity and the quality of each product.


Kewei-Rising believes that human resource is the soul of a scientific company. In implementing the strategy of building up the strength of the compay with talented people, we accorded priority to training, attracting and utilizing professionals. We have 46 staffs (over 30%) holding master's or bachelor's degree, 30 technicians (over 20%) who are profressional in line of medical manufacturing, 10 of them are Superior Engineers.


Our development grows strength from the great institutes and hospitals, who keep giving us unceasing support on the quality improvement and technical innovation. Our 16 research discoveries have been adapted for clinical use, and several particular breakthrough in cardiology and heart perfusion are now being used in most leading hospitals in our country.