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What is stick-out?
In traditional technology,a stainless steel ring is mounted on center of the left disk (or aortic disk in PDA occluder) to centralize the Nitinol wires,and processed it with argon arc spot welding.It generates a stick-out on the top of the occluder.

What may caused by the stick-out?
This stick-out was reported to produce embolism and hemolysis (by crashing with RBCs in the blood flow). Moreover, the stick-out is consist of two metallic material, SS and Ninitol. Due to a so called electric-rot effection, the stick-out is difficult to be covered by inner skin (endothesia). As a result,the risk of embolism and RBC crashing will stay for a longer time.

How do we remove the stick-out?
Kewei-Rising improved the occluders by a more adavnce nitinol weaving technology called as Intergal Weaving. The nitinol wires cantralize themselves without the stainless steel ring and welding. It provides a safer design for nitinol products. This technology is patented and carried out in all sizes of PDA occluders, VSD occluders ,vascular plugs, PFO occluders and small middle sizes of ASD.
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