OEM service, Private labeling and packing

Additional to KEWEI RISING standard ones, customers can also use labels and packages in their own desgin. OEM Services like Assembling, Packaging, Thermoforming / Blister Packaging, Pad Printing, Sterilization etc are offered to esteemed customers. Apart from standard regulatory protocols, any additional protocols and quality criteria are worked out as per customer requirement.


Medical Training

Cooperated with authoritative hospitals, KEWEI RISING provides medical training service relatives to KEWEI RISING products, like interventional therapies of PDA/ASD/VSD, Hybrid procedure of ASD/PDA, PTCA balloon, Conronary stent and PTMC balloon operations to the physicians and surgeons recommended by distributors. The schedule and budget is made for each case.


Technical trainning

KEWEI RISING offers free technical & service training to the technicians & sales staffs of distributors for the related products. The training will be performed in China.


Technical Support

If you have any questions about maintenance, technical specifications or malfunctions of devices, do not hesitate to contact us immediately.


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